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Directories Link (One Way Link) Vs. Link Farm

In matters related to search engine optimization, directories link and link farm are two common terms that are frequently used. Each of these processes has its own features but in terms of acceptability directories link or one way link is a better option that a user can opt for.

Link farm, in plain terms, can be defined as the process by which reciprocal links are exchanged by different websites in order to achieve better search engine optimization. On the World Wide Web, a link farm is a group of sites that hyperlink to every other website in the group. Link farms can be created manually but mostly they are created through automated services and programs. This process of increasing the number of links to a website is also used to increase the traffic of a web site in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Google ranks sites based on the quality and quantity of sites that link to it. This in turn helps in increasing the traffic of a site, also enhancing a site’s ranking by making it more popular among Internet users.

These types of link exchange systems like link farms are designed to allow individual websites to exchange links selectively with other relevant websites. Those who opt for this process should also be aware of its repercussions as major search engines today penalize sites that participate in link farming. In recent times, link farming has begun to loose its popularity as search engines like Google consider it as a form of spamming. Google has also put in place different procedures for extraditing sites that participate in link farming. This has made it quite unpopular resulting in more and more sites refraining from this practice.

In comparison to link farming, directories link or one way links are more beneficial for websites to get higher search engine rankings and greater visibility on the web. Web directory submission has become quite popular nowadays where different websites can be submitted manually or with the help of software to search engine friendly directories online. An online directory is a collection of popular search engines in the form of websites and online services. Submitting links to these directories helps in building long lasting one way links and getting targeted visitors to a particular website.

One way links also help in getting more traffic to a site from online directories. Once a site is submitted to a specified category that it belongs to, it will help the owner of the website to tap potential customers. This straight forward task is simple, easy to understand and can be performed by any web site owner. Manual submissions ensure that a website is submitted to the right category by complying with a directory’s submission rules, thus, increasing your site’s acceptance rate. Through manual directory submission, duplication of title can be avoided, providing the maximum SEO advantage.

In comparison to link farming, directories link or one way link building is a better option. Chances of getting penalized by search engines such as Google is minimized if the latter process is adopted.

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